Most Americans are challenged in the area of Immune Health.

Our food, environmental and food chemicals, synthetic vitamins, medications, etc. destroy the delicate microbiome that is critical for strong immune health.

They increase the need for certain vitamins and minerals, of which most people can’t provide on your own. Soon your gut becomes a home to many undesirable inhabitants that constantly overwork the immune system and end up challenging organ systems – such as your digestive system, liver and thyroid.

You may feel nothing in the beginning of this process, but left to continue, it soon becomes a source of bloating, constipation, endocrine weakness, fatigue, hormone problems, high blood pressure, sleep issues, and frequent illness. Soon autoimmune disease sneaks up on you. Then, you’re told it is genetic.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are some powerful steps you can take with food and the right whole food supplement combinations.

One of my favorites is the “weed and feed” gut restoration protocol. This is a powerful approach we use to recolinize the gut and make it uninhabitable to those disasterous unwanted guests. It’s a wonderful thing to do once every 1-2 years to prevent the progression or development of so many disease processes.

If you haven’t done this yet and you are interested in seeing if it’s right for you, call our office at 703-319-1100.

If you know someone with skin, digestive, liver, autoimmune, or thyroid issues, this can be a powerful step towards their health recover, please pass this information on to them and have them make an appointment to be checked out!

In the meantime, eat whole, real foods…not chemicals.