The importance of hydration is generally undervalued. The fact is, most Americans are sub-clinically dehydrated. This will contribute to many health issues. If you are working on healing and getting well, you won’t get very far if your body doesn’t get enough clean water.
Here are some great reasons to improve your water intake.
1.   Improved brain performance. It only takes a 2% fluid loss to affect memory, mood, concentration, and reaction time.
2.   Better digestion. Lack of hydration can cause difficulty with bowel movements, gas bloating, heartburn, and other problems.
3.    Improved energy. Lack of water will slow down circulation making your heart work harder. This will cause fatigue.
4.    Weight loss. Water provides fullness and is needed for proper metabolism.
5.   Improves joint pain. All joints need water for lubrication and nutrient availability.
6.   Prevention of kidney stones.
7.   Temperature regulation. If you are dehydrated you will store more heat because sweating decreases.
8.   Easier on the heart. Helps to keep vital minerals balanced and maintains good blood flow.
9.   Improved detoxification. Water is needed for the removal of waste through bowel movements, urine, breathing, and perspiration.
10.  Less likely to have headaches.
Try to drink ½ your body weight in ounces up to 96 ounces or about 3 liters each day of filtered water.