Our Story

How We Got Started:

In 2001 I married my husband, Eric, and we had our daughter in 2003. At the tender age of three, we discovered that she had a nut allergy. We have carried an EpiPen ever since. She then started with eczema and chronic ear infections. I didn’t know better at the time, so we gave her antibiotics over and over again. Then the seasonal allergies and asthma began, followed by digestive and urinary problems. At the time, I helped her as much as I could with whole food supplements and it did make a difference, but I was guessing as to what she needed and I knew I wasn’t dealing with the underlying issue.

We took her to several specialists and the solutions were inhalers, antibiotics and other drugs. I didn’t want to take this approach, knowing she would be on several medications every day, starting at six years old, and for how long?

My heart was breaking. I went back to school to learn acupuncture, thinking I could help her this way. It did help, but she had nutritional issues that I didn’t discover until I started my training with Nutrition Response Testing℠. We had many challenges with missed school, sleepless nights, social limitations, and endless daily washing and cleaning to try to keep our home, her bed, room, clothes, and hair clean of the triggers to her suffering. Again, these things helped, but she was not improving over time.

As if this wasn’t challenging enough, Sarah was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at 14 years old. We were very stressed and overwhelmed. She went through chemotherapy and was homeschooled that year. At the end of the same year my husband, Eric, passed away suddenly. Anxiety was added to more stress and overwhelm for both me and my daughter. Sarah was left with many health issues from the chemotherapy and stress. My adrenals and thyroid were worn out and we were heartbroken.

It was through Nutrition Response Testing℠ that we were able to gain our health back. The next two years we worked through all of Sarah’s health problems with nutrition, whole food supplements, and herbs. I recovered my physical health as well the same way. Now, Sarah is a beautiful, healthy, vibrant young lady. For the first time in her life, she isn’t dealing with any health issues. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have learned from incredible natural health practitioners and for the opportunity to help my daughter and other people turn their health and their lives around. Every day I work with people to help identify the stressors that poorly impact their health, and get them on their path of healing, repair, and wellness.

I love the results. This is my passion.