Fall is coming, with all of its beautiful color and (finally) some relief from the summer heat.

It’s also the time that colds and flu start going around. Did you know that your immune system has the capability to resist ALL of that on its own?!

Your immune strength depends on several things, including the following:

  1. Minimal toxicity from chemicals and metals.
  2. Keeping processed sugar intake minimal.
  3. Providing the nutrients for the functional strength of all aspects of the immune system.
  4. Strong microflora rich digestive system.

If you usually get flu shots and/or still catch the occasional bug, please ask us about how you can strengthen your resistance.

Having a robust immune system is much more than resisting colds and flus. It means protecting yourself from low grade infections that challenge the organs of the body, including the liver, heart, thyroid, etc. It means protecting yourself against chronic diseases that seem to be so prevelant in our society.

Why wait for disease to set in? Protect yourself now. Start with eliminating chemical-laden foods and products in your life. Eat whole real foods. Don’t eat junk and processed foods and sugars. Contact our office to ask how you can improve your nutrient availability and gut flora presence.

Enjoy fall and winter without getting sick or developing chronic disease.