Your health largely depends on three critical control systems in your body. If you are trying to improve your health while one or more of these systems is not 100%, you are going to hit a wall.

These systems are; the nervous system, the endocrine system (organs that collectively handle the hormones) and the microbiome (the microbes that live within our bodies, protecting us from invasion and other problems). Most Americans need help with one or more of these areas. They are always evaluated when we create a personal health program.

There are a few things you can do at home to give a little attention to these important rulers of your health.

    1. Most people are stressed and over-worked. Your nervous system needs good sleep. Try to go to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sound sleep. Meditate, if only for 15 minutes a day. Just sit quietly with your eyes closed and breathe deeply. Try to focus on taking 3 breaths/minute. This will bring beneficial healing to the nervous system.
    2. Go through your personal care products and household cleaners. Remove chemicals from your home and stop putting chemicals on your skin, scalp, and nails. These are huge endocrine destroyers!
    3. Don’t take antibiotics too easily.Think twice. Antibiotics have their place but taking them for every cold is very detrimental to the bugs in your body. It can take months to recover from one round of antibiotics, if you are lucky enough to recover.
    4. Eat real, fermented saurkraut regularly. This can be found in the refrigerated areas of grocery stores. It must show “fermented” on the label. One good brand is https://www.clevelandkraut.com/

Taking these steps above may not be enough to turn your health around if you are already dealing with certain health issues. But it may be a good start — or if we have already worked with you on these areas, take this as a reminder and a way to reinforce your nutrition program and keep you strong.