Answer: Most definitely!

Many women are told to increase their calcium and/or vitamin D and get some exercise in order to address their bone health. The truth is that often it is not that simple.

Usually the problem is not a calcium intake issue. It may be the absorption, or it may be the distribution of calcium that is the problem. It may be a quality fatty acid or trace mineral issue. Of course there is also the issue of the supplements themselves. So many of the over-the-counter supplements are synthetic and are actually more damaging than helpful.

Then there are the drugs that are prescribed. Many of them cause bone loss…glucocorticoids (steroids), valproic acid, proton pump inhibitors anti epilepters, chemotherapy agents…the list goes on.

The main treatment for bone density loss in conventional medicine is the use of bisphosphate drugs such as Fosamax. The package insert for this drug warns about femur fractures as a side effect. That’s right! It can cause the very thing you are trying to prevent. There are other dangerous possibilities including liver damage, kidney toxicity, esophageal cancer.

You can’t heal bone with drugs. There are no ingredients in drugs that build bone.

The reason a person becomes osteoporotic is because something is tearing down the bone faster than it can be built or the body does not have all the ingredients to get the job done.

Here’s the Solution

Give yourself the right ingredients and your body will go into action repairing, building, and creating stronger and healthier bone. I don’t care what your age is, You can build bone.

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