Lately, my clients have been asking me about why they always seem excessively hungry. Online and in the media, I see “tips” about adding more protein in the diet to curb that hunger.

Hunger is a normal physiologic response.

Either a person is truly hungry and needs to eat, or some other process is calling out for food.

Many Americans have sluggish livers.

The combination of excess toxins and an overwhelmed immune system can cause the liver to become sluggish and overworked. It has so many jobs to do, if you add lots of fat to a sluggish liver, it only gets worse. The liver needs to release glycogen to be used (like sugar) regularly in the body. If it is overwhelmed this process also diminishes.

The overworked liver and its subsequent non-efficient results can cause a person to feel hungry all the time. It’s actually starving.

So, should we add protein/fat to that situation? No.

You need to find out what the stressor is and deal with that. Try sticking with vegetables and fruit for a while. The excessive hunger will go away when the problem is resolved and your body is well fed.