Breast Cancer is not a disease of the Breast. It is a disease of the body. The soil in which it is allowed to grow.

In 1972, one million people died of cancer. Trillions of dollars later in 2012, 1.5 million died of cancer. We are told that cancer is genetic, as with most health issues, that is oversimplifying. There may be genetic tendencies in some people, but anyone has the ability to develop cancer.

Gene expresssion depends on the environment of the body. Unfavorable genes can be “turned on” when certain conditions exist. Many of the experts agree that environmental toxicity is a major factor in cancer. The conventional approach would have us believe that more toxicity in the form of chemotherapy and radiation is the cure.

Every evaluation I have done on a person currently in cancer treatment or post treatment has revealed a chemical and/or heavy metal challenge as well as immune system weaknesses. Sometimes other conditions challenge their health as well.

Each additional stressor disrupts normal body function, repair, and defense, making the body vulnerable and ultimately a host to pathogeneic micro organisms and unfavorable processes. This leads to disease, cancer, and metabolic breakdown.

With Nutrition Response Testing, we can pinpoint the stressor and through a personalized nutrition program, work to detox the body from the heavy metals and build up your immunity.

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