We live in a quick fix, “now” society.

Everything we do or buy is for quick results. As fast as we move and expect things to happen, the body doesn’t follow the same rules.

It takes time to make new, better functioning cells. Finding out the cause of your health issues, giving your body exactly what it needs, and changing your food to meet your body’s needs will bring about the optimum state for healing. Then, this state of healing needs to continue until the body has been “cleaned out,” the immune system has been strengthened, and organs repaired.

Most people show up at our office after years and decades of unhealthy practices. By the time they come in for help, much damage has been done.

Please be patient with yourself and your program. The better you do with your food and nutrients, the faster you will move along. However, we can not rush nature and body repair. It is truly amazing that the body knows how to and can repair itself.

It is also amazing that we can “communicate” through the nervous system to determine what needs to be done. So, let’s do our part by paying attention to what our bodies need and give it time to respond.

Being healthy is about making daily choices, knowing they will either help you or go against you later. Today you are building your health for tomorrow!