We live in a society that promotes last-minute health care…

We get blood and urine tests that will show if there is a problem that is well on its way.

Some manual tests will show early detection, but still we are looking for problems that already exist. Personally, I would rather not develop a health problem in the first place.

There are some basic areas of health that are very instrumental in having a healthier, well functioning physiology. These same areas are usually pretty beat up when people first show up in my office.

These areas include:

    1. Liver function
    2. Immune system
    3. Digestive strength
    4. Toxicity

These areas gradually weaken over time due to the American diet, pollution, chemical and metal exposure, and use of OTC’s and prescriptions.

There is plenty you can do to keep these areas strong:

  1. Eat real and whole food
  2. Reduce/eliminate processed sugar
  3. Don’t buy or use chemical-laden foods and products
  4. Don’t buy or eat GMO foods
  5. Exercise and stretch regularly
  6. Reduce stress, or at least create time for yourself.

Even with these efforts, it is impossible to not be affected by our modern lifestyle and the environment that we live in. That’s why we have several prevention approaches to address these problems.

For example, once a year you should do a purification. Depending on your health history, you may benefit from our immune system cleaning and strengthening once or even twice a year. Everyone should do a gut flora restoration program at least once. The liver/gall bladder is instrumental and frequently congested when people first start here. Why wait for that again? Get “your oil changed” annually.

These are powerful avenues to preventing disease! And so easy to do. Just ask us for the details.

Keeping well is just as important as getting well.