For the last twenty years or so, we have been told to protect ourselves from the sun. 

How much of that fear of sun exposure helped or hurt us?

While it’s true that sun burns are not a good thing, burns are not all that we get from the sun. What has also become common in the last twenty years is a low Vitamin D level in the general population… do you wonder why?

Humans Need sunlight.

Here are some of the things sun exposure does for us:

  • Lowers inflamation – which is important for the maintenance of blood pressure;
  • Helps muscle and bone health;
  • Increases brain health;
  • Allows the body to properly absorb and transport calcium to the muscles, organs and glands;
  • Assists with weight management;
  • Helps with depression/improves mood
  • Anti cancer;
  • Kills bad bacteria;
  • Sunlight is necessary for optimal hormone production;
  • Builds the immune system;
  • Sunlight has an important effect on growth and development.

So, maybe the answer is not to slather on toxic sunscreen to block all the sun’s positive benefits. Interestingly enough, your ability to not get a sunburn is largely dependant on supplying the body with the right nutrients and making sure the transport of these nutrients to the skin is functional.

Believe it or not, we can help you protect your skin without harmful sunscreen creams and without blocking the great benefit of sun exposure; it has to do with the proper nutritional support.

If you are interested in optimizing the benefits of the sun for your health (inside and out) this summer, call us at 703-319-1100 to make an appointment.