There’s a lot of information out there about “supplements.” You may hear that studies say that they are not helpful, or artificial, or even can be harmful. Well, just as not all food is equally good or bad for you, not all supplements are created equal – and thus when you hear about studies on supplements you should know that sometimes these studies are lumping all supplements together as one.

Almost all vitamin studies are done with synthetic/fractionated supplements and  studies show mixed benefit, at best, and clear evidence of harm.

It is important to understand that there are THREE TYPES OF NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS:
  1. Synthetic Supplements 
  • These are artificial chemicals made in a factory from coal tar, peroleum or GMO corn syrup
  • Most of these supplements are made by the same five pharmaceutical companies
  • Based in the same reductionist principles as drug therapy (based on an “active ingredient”)
  • Synthetic suppements have a pharmacological (not nutritional) effect on the body
  • They are over-the-counter drugs
  • They lack essential co-factors which complete and balance the nutrient complex, so there is no active ingredient
  • Synthetic supplements create nutritional deficiencies of missing co-factors
  • Results in toxic “mega-dose” approach to therapeutics (e.g., ascorbic acid)

2.  Fractionated Supplements

  • These are similar to synthetic supplements in principle and effect
  • They are chemically extracted from foods or plants (e.g., d-alpha tocopherol from soy oil)

Most standardized herbal extracts are made this way

3.  Food Concentrates (this is what we use at the Natural Health and Healing Center, using Standard Process, Inc.)

  •  These are concentrated foods and plants that retain the full nutrient complex
  • These supplements are made by removing water and fiber from the food or plant
  • The quality of the supplement is determined by: Farming methods; soil, water and sun; and the manufacturing process
  • Food concentrates produce far fewer adverse reactions and interactions with drugs
  • They are non-toxic, unlike isolated chemical vitamins
  •  Food concentrates have a nutritional/rebalancing effect on the body
  • They have a greater availability of nutrients in their original/natural form so healing can take place


Why we use them at NHHC and the importance of making sure you are taking Food concentrates supplements

The human body can only heal and improve on food. It makes sense to add whole food concentrates to your improved diet, not coal tar. Nobody needs coal tar for any process in the body. It only adds to your toxicity and liver stress. There is no active ingredient in whole foo supplements. All the components work together to help your physiology. Just like if you only had some of the parts to a clock –  it wouldn’t work!  There isn’t any partiular part that is more important (the so-called “active-ingredient”) than another. They all have a job to do!