The bad news…

Radiation –  in the form of cancer radiation treatment, x-rays and scans – all combined with the EMF from computers, phones, etc, can have a varying effect on human organs and systems.

These effects range from cell death and lowered organ function to cancer and organ failure.


  • leads to the production of free radicals,
  • breaks critical chemical bonds,
  • leads to changes in cellular structure
  • Damages vital molecules, such a DNA, RNA and other proteins.


High doses of radiation can also damage the cell’s ability to heal and repair, causing even more damage. Higher doses tend to kill cells while lower doses tend to alter DNA…it’s not good either way!

The good news…

There are ways to protect the body to minimize damage in the future. You may already have health problems related to radiation. We can help to uncover what’s causing these problems and support you with specific foods and herbs that can cleanse the body and revive organ function.

If you have been through cancer therapy (even without radiation treatment), or for some reason have endured quite a bit of radiation, contact our office. We may be able to protect you. You might not link your symptoms to radiation but it is actually a common stressor.