You may have recently heard about the report from the AHA about possible dangers of coconut oil and an association with heart disease. Although it has never been up for argument that coconut oil contains higher levels of saturated fat,  that is where the agreement ends.

At NHHC we are very positive about coconut oil and applaud it’s many health benefits. We have not strayed from that opinion (see our article about the benefits of coconut oil here).

There are a wide variety of functions that include the use of cholesterol in the body. Lowering cholesterol at all costs ignores this point.

Basing all food recommendations on the amount of cholesterol in them will lead to loss of valuable nutrition and ignores the fact that the liver controls the cholesterol. Also important is the fact that your blood is the highway to the rest of your body. Cholesterol is needed for the production of every cell and for body repair. Your blood levels will be influenced by current repair and regeneration activity. Judging coconut oil or any other food that has cholesterol in it as bad, is an oversimplified, innacurate approach in the attempt to prevent heart disease.