We’re often asked, “why do I need supplements? If I eat well, won’t that sustain my health?”

That’s a great question and Dr. Nelson is  going to answer it here:

Many years ago, eating well was enough.

There was much more emphasis and time spent obtaining and preparing  food.

All produce was organic, the soil was nutrient-dense, so the food was nutrient-dense.

Milk was raw (very nutrient dense and animal meat was clean without antibiotics and hormones.

There weren’t any fake foods or synthetic supplements.

There were less chemicals and heavy metals in the environment and people used less medications.

We spent much more time outside and naturally were more active.

There wasn’t constant radiation bombarding our bodies from electronics and artificial lighting.

All this adds up to a perpetual drain and interference with our physiology. These stressors break down the microbiome and lining in the gut. This is the beginning of most health problems. As the body tries to cope and repair, it uses up nutrients. If you don’t have these nutrients available you repair at a weaker, less optimum state – or not at all.

This is why being functionally healthy is a lifestyle.

Health depends on choices you make every day. Being healthy now and into the future means taking whole food raw supplements to meet your body’s need in this stressful environment we live in.

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