I love being able to share client testimonials and success stories. In this case, my patient, M.S. came to NHHC with what she called “red stop signs” all over her torso. They were dry and itchy. She was prescribed a steroid which stopped the itch, but when she stopped taking the medication it just came back. After doing a few cycles of on-and-off medication, she decided to look for another cure.

the Nutrition Response Testing revealed that M.S. had an overwhelmed immune system, which was probably caused by the toxicity and food intolerance that we found. Through cleaning up her diet and working on detoxing and strengthening her immune system, her “stop signs” calmed down and disappeared. An added bonus was making it through a Spring season without having to use Zyrtec every day.

If you are in a cycle of on-and-off medication and want to get to the real cause of the condition vs. treat the symptoms, come in for a Nutrition Response Testing analysis and start healing for real.

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