Recently I was reminded of how precious health is. Most people don’t think about their health until there is a problem. Even then, some are satisfied with controlling the problem with medication. As I have said many times, this doesn’t solve anything and the body continues to decline.

Our world is very different than it was 20 or more years ago. It was easier to be healthy and didn’t take as much effort. Since then, our lifestyles, environment and food sources have changed so much that it is difficult to avoid the constant assault that is forced on our bodies. The idea that “eating right” is enough to sustain body wellness and vitality is a thing of the past.

The human body was designed to thrive off of the many attributes of nature. As we keep putting more wedges between ourselves and nature, our health becomes more difficult to maintain.

Here’s a short list of these interferences and outright health damaging factors:

  • The widespread onset of genetically engineered foods (glyphosate, which is Roundup) exploded in the 90s.
  • Thousands of chemicals and heavy metals approved by the FDA in food, personal care products, and just about everything.
  • Widespread use of antibiotics and other medications
  • Kids don’t play outside barefoot any more. The earth has a negative charge, which connects to toxic positively charged ions in the body, such as drug residue, toxins, and free radicals. ThisConnecting with the earth balances the body and nervous system.
  • The constant use of cell phones and computers, including WIFI, and  lighting from screens have numerous harmful effects on a body.
  • LED lighting instead of incandescents. LEDs’ wavelengths are destructive to the body and some even have mercury emitting from them.
  • The use of sunscreen every time one goes outside in the summer interferes with the beneficial wavelengths from the sun that humans need.
  • Fake foods; artificial sweetners and all the chemicals related to them.
  • Low quality meats, dairy, and vegetables grown with pesticides or fed GMO feed, or pasteurized to death, or shot up with antibiotics and hormones.

There are more challenges, but you get the idea. If you aren’t making an active effort toward your health (the right effort) then your health is declining. It takes accurate effort and time to repair the body, and the effort continues in order to stay healthy and strong.

Unless you have figured out how to effectively eliminate all these insults listed, this is the way it is now. Be aware and take action as much as possible. Do the best you can to remove these stressors and continue to supply your body with the best of food, whole food supplements, and movement.

You are worth it!