What does it mean to be healthy?

I asked a group of people this question and some of them said “Being symptom free.” Others said “Feeling good.”

Nobody mentioned the functioning of our bodies. People tend to evaluate their own health according to how they feel. Surprisingly, this is not a good indicator. There is plenty of malfunction going on before any symptoms occur. By the time you have a symptom, the health decline has been well on its way.

A healthy body sleeps well most every night. This is our repair time. Sleep is to rest the body and mind, but also to heal and grow. My job as a Nutrition Response Testing practitioner is to help you get into a healing state. If you are dealing with ongoing health problems, you may have trouble getting into a healing state, even if you sleep well. You may not have the ingredients to do the usual body repair and/or you are not dealing with stressors that are holding you back; not allowing you to heal and change.

Healing is a miraculous event that every human is capable of. The body immediately goes into a healing mode when needed, unless there are stressors interfering with this process.

We all see this when you cut your finger. Your body starts repairing immediately. If you break a bone, the body starts repairing it. The same is true for the rest of your body. The skin, bones, vessels, organs and glands all have the capability to heal. It’s really incredible!

As a Nutrition Response Testing Practioner, I see it all the time. As heavy metals, food intolerances, immune system issues are dealt with, the body becomes more capable of doing what it was intended to do…heal and protect you.

Your body does this for you. What are you doing for your body?

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