In our society, the usual route when one has a symptom or health problem is to go see your doctor. Most Americans have a doctor they check in with periodically, or at least when they need help with their health. If your health has declined enough they will be able to diagnose a problem and then you get medication.

Have you ever asked your doctor if the medication –let’s say it’s for your thyroid– is going to cure you?

Will you take the medication for a year and then your thyroid is healed? I think we all know the answer to that. Nobody expects the thyroid to heal and to stop taking the mediccations because that isn’t what they do. The medication doesn’t fulfill a physiologic need. For this reason, you are expected to take it for the rest of your life, and go see that doctor on a regular schedule to make sure it continues to control your numbers and symptoms.

We are all lead to believe that thyroids can’t heal. There is a common belief that diabetes, asthma, heart disease, seasonal allergies, etc., are unfortunate consequences of our genes. And once you “get it” all you can do is control it with meds. This is so untrue!

What is more influential and is ultimately going to determine whether you get diabetes, asthma or other illnesses, is your metabolic physiology. This is under your control. How you take care of yourself is the number one determining factor of your health status!

Nutrition Response Testing gets down to the reason why your body is malfunctioning. As you correct these problems by feeding your body the right nutrient-dense foods and whole food concentrated nutrients, your body heals. Then because human bodies always change one way or another, you check in with your Nutrition Response Practitioner periodically, as you would your doctor or dentist, so that you can be sure to stay at the upper end of your functional health.

Would you rather live with a well functioning, pain-free body for as long as you can, or take your meds and still be sick and “managing” a disease forever? 

To learn about your body’s specific nutrient needs, contact our office for a Nutrition Response Testing Appointment here, with our online special pricing for testing and analysis.