The Foundation of your health is at the center of this circle.

If you don’t take care of your diet, for example, then your foundation will start to crack.

A poor diet will lower your enzymes. Chemical reactions necessary for life and health will not work efficiently. If the bad habits or body stressors continue, the endocrine (hormone) system is adversely affected. Thyroid, insulin, adrenal, pituitary, and gonadal function can be affected.

As the enzyme and hormone function continues to decline, the bio-chemistry becomes dysfunctional.

Next, physiologic performance is affected. Now, you feel that something isn’t right; you don’t feel good, but medical doctors can’t find any problems yet.

Finally, after enough decline, the person develops signs (e.g., positive medical tests like blood tests) and symptoms. Now you have a disease that can be diagnosed.

Poor health begins at the center of the circle. Most people who finally get symptom go to a doctor for help. Then they are given medication which works on the outside of the circle. The medication controls the symptoms, but never corrects the underlying problem you haven’t fed the body. This is why the medication is ongoing, while the cause of the health problem continues to manifest in a different way. Eventually you end up back at the doctor’s office with a new problem. You still haven’t fed the body. Your health problems will continue until you correct the inside of your circle. Human beings depend on food for repair, upkeep, and life. It is the foundation of life. You stop eating…you die, right? 

If you eat poorly…your health declines. Medication will never fix that.

Allergies, asthma, reflux, digestive problems, autom-immune diseases, fatigue, insomnia, blood sugar problems, heart disease, etc. all come from a malfunctioning body, and medications only control – they do not heal.

As a practioner, I help people work on the inside of the circle, creating changes all the way through.

Through Nutrition Response Testing℠, I determine the stressors that are poorly impating your health. Next, I determine what organs are weak and exactly what you need to do to get you into a healing state.

If you haven’t had a Nutrition Response Testing analysis, then you are only guessing. If you would like to speak to Dr. Nelson about your specific health challenges call 703-319-1100, or click HERE to sign up for a full analysis.

Pay attention to the inside of your circle.