Have you ever been told that you have to live with a disease or health problem for the rest of your life?

If you have high blood pressure, allergies, asthma, diabetes, chronic pain, or other health problems, you may have been led to believe that there is not much you can do about these problems except to take the medicine.

But people do recover and heal from these conditions. It happens all the time. Your body is a healing machine if you know exatly what to do. Remove the barriers to poor health and feed the body nutrient-dense food, and it’s amaing what can happen.

We all know that if you break a bone or cut your finger the body immediately goes into a healing mode. Your bones repair, your cut heals. This healing process doesn’t end here. Your physiology repairs too. You just need to create the right environment. Do you have a food intolerance, a chemical overload or immune challenge? Any of these things will stand in the way of body repair. Address the situation, then provide the nutrients to put the healing power into action. It’s a beautiful thing!

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