I’m going to write a little off-topic this time. It’s about your thoughts and your intention.

I learned at a young age that your words matter. What you think and say in your head is ultimately going to determine your life’s circumstances, and affect others as well. What you focus on is what you see and experience.

If you think that every driver on the road is a terrible driver, that just gets in your way. It becomes what you will experience. Focusing on negative things brings more negative thoughts, sabotages your efforts, and takes away the positive effects that you could be bringing to other people.

My father used to say to me, “If you want more love, then be more loving.” Thoughts and feelings are energy. One of the most powerful things people can do to improve their lives, as well as the lives of others, is to lift this energy. Stop sabotaging your efforts. There is a lot of good in our world and our lives.

Try writing down what you are grateful for every day. Be consistent. Let the negative thoughts and words die by not giving them your time and focus. Soon you will notice that those pesky drivers must have moved out of town because you don’t give those thoughts any energy.

You will feel content, more relaxed and more effective. Not only that, but you will bring your best to everyone you meet, which will ultimately improve their lives too.

How powerful is that?!