When you think of eating healthy,  do you think of whole grains, reducing meat, fat and salt?

Most people lean toward vegetarian, low fat diets when they think of eating healthy. Here’s the truth. If you follow the food pyramid you will be eating a high sugar/carb, added hormones, additives, chemicals, low nutrient, body starving diet.

Our ancestors lived on high fat animal food and vegetables. The grains they ate were grown appropriately and prepared appropriately. Your organs, glands, skin, muscles, brain, and whole biology require meats, fat, and salt. They are the building blocks of your body function. We are omnivores. Vegetarian animals have several large stomachs to break down a vegetable-only diet. We don’t. We have a very acidic stomach in order to break down proteins to be used to repair, build, and maintain our body function.

What’s important in healthy eating is to eat real, whole foods. Higher quality, free range chicken, eggs, and grass-fed beef have a higher nutrient content because the animals are eating their biologically appropriate foods. This is what humans should also do in order to eat healthy and be healthy.