The gut holds the roots of our health.

It is the very beginning of losing our health and the beginning of gaining it back.

Almost everyone I see for Nutrition Response Testing has an overwhelmed and struggling immune system. It is very often an integral part of their health picture. The “immune system” is largely the gut and its workings. The microbes that live in the gut (microbiomes) are almost 90% of our function, including our genes. These are the good bacteria (of which there are many strains). They are the rulers of our metabolism, nervous system, and immune system, and pretty much every organ.

When the gut flora (microbiome) is damaged by poor food and chemicals, it becomes abnormal. Disease-causing microbes (bacteria, fungus, yeast) take over, thriving on the poor food choices. They create a lot of waste and toxicity and deprive the body of nutrition. They damage the digestive wall, causing leaing and permeability. Then, you develop food intolerances. The bacteria, yeast or fungi circulate through the body, setting up house in your weak areas that have been deprived of nutrition. Now you have disease.

To learn more about how to heal a damaged gut, see “Improve your Gut Health with Fermented Vegetables.”