A mom brought in her son for an exam the other day.

He was struggling in school; he couldn’t pay attention, acted out in class, wasn’t making friends, and didn’t cooperate at home. His communication, even with his mom, was minimal and distant. The mother was at her wits end, but hoped to avoid medication.

The Nutrition Response Testing exam revealed a wheat and soy intolerance and many weak digestive organs. The mom changed his diet while we worked on repairing the gut and immune system. Gradually, the boy began to respond to his mom with eye contact and hugs. His more relaxed demeaner enabled him to participate in school and he was able do his homework without tantrums. This was a case of digestive and immune system breakdown and overwhelm, most likely caused by glyphosate.

I am often asked why so many people seem to have a food intolerance these days. It definitely wasn’t common when I was a child. Our schools didn’t have drawers and drawers full of epi-pens and inhalers. We live in a different world now, and it isn’t pretty.

In the ’90s, GMO seeds were just getting started, and now the majority of the U.S.’s sugar, wheat, corn and soy are genetically engineered. This means that the biologically damaging chemical, glyphosate, is in every seed. This is the main ingredient in Round Up. Yes, I said ROUND UP!

It is damaging to everybody and in disturbing  ways. For more information on glyphosate and what it can cause, see “What Is Glyphosate” in our blog. If you eat any of these foods, your body has to deal with this chemical. It will cause problems. So, if during your Nutrition Response Testing, if we find that you have an intolerance to wheat for example, and you switch to “gluten free versions” you will notice a difference, but understand that gluten-free versions are just other sources most likely to contain corn and/or soy.

If you are eating low fat and lean meats, then you are also depriving yourself of the very ingredients needed to maintain healthy digestion and digestive lining, which makes you more vulnerable to food intolerance. Throw in daily sugary foods and now you are on the fast-track to destroying your gut function and protection while reducing your ability to repair…hello food intolerance!