Did you know that many years ago when humans hunted for their food they looked for the fatty parts of the fattiest animals? They knew that in order to survive, they needed good protein and plenty of fat.

In fact, our great grandparents used to eat plenty of fats through their meats, eggs, organ meats, and raw dairy to prepare for conception and during pregnancy. There was a wisdom about health that has been lost – even thrown out – all because of this theory that has never been proven: The idea that cholesterol is a bad substance in the body that needs to be controlled.

  • Cholesterol is so important to a well functioning strong body that you have a backup system in the body that makes cholesterol if you don’t eat enough of it.
  • Cholesterol is within every cell of the body as part of the cell wall.
  • It is a major component of the brain and the nerves. It is the precurser to hormone production. It is needed in the skin to make vitamin D.
  • It has a protective effect from cancer

These important sources of fats have the fat-soluable vitamins A,D, and K in the form that’s best for the body. Due to “cholesterol is bad” theory, butter, eggs, meats all have been demonized for decades. In the meantime, heart disease continues to rise, as does cancer and diabetes.

Let’s look back to the American diet in the early 1900’s, before the cholesterol theory came out. A time when heart disease, cancer, and diabetes was rare. People ate butter, a variety of meats with skin and fat on them, liver and other organ meats, real bone broth with all of the fat, and a heck of a lot less sugar than today.

So what’s better….low fat or no fat?  Neither.

Eat real food in its natural form. Pay attention to the source and quality instead of fat percentage. Stop starving your body of critical fats and fat soluable vitamins.