Many years ago, people just ate real food, made in a traditional manner.

Food was fermented, so that there was a variety throughout the cold months when there were no crops to harvest. The whole animal was eaten, so as to not waste any part; understanding that it all had value.

Now, modern processing for huge manufacturing convenience and cheapness has eroded the value of what was once a healthy, sustaining system of food preparation. That, along with the way we have picked apart foods for “health conscious eating” has led us to a time where Americans are more unhealthy and at a younger age than ever before.

If our ancestors could see us now…eating egg whites without yolks, drinking pasteurized skim milk, taking the skin off chicken, I’m sure they wouldn’t understand. They didn’t count calories or cholesterol.

We have complicated health, food, and nutrition to a ridiculous level and need to only look at history and other cultures to realize that it is all so unnecessary and not helpful.

Humans have been surviving successfully from nature long before our society started making new food rules. In fact, the biggest health threats were viruses and bacteria. Now we have epidemic levels of heart disease, cancer and asthma. It’s time to look at the past and learn from it. Let’s eat real whole foods without counting this and that. Just eat what the body needs.

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