Using Nutrition Response Testing to Combat Allergies in a natural way.

Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S.  Asthma often accompanies allergies and affects more than 17 million adults and more than 7 million children.

If you do an internet search on allergies what you will get are plenty of suggestions for drugs and immunotherapy shots. The other solution is simply avoidance.

However, there are natural ways to treat allergies and asthma that don’t damage the body in the process. I find that most of the time when I talk about natural solutions to allergies people think I’m talking about taking something to replace the drugs…as needed…every season.

I’m not talking about suppressing the symptoms as needed. I’m talking about finding the cause of your allergies/asthma, and repairing your physiology so you aren’t sensitive to the allergies any more.

Let’s take a closer look:

I like to use the “bath tub” analogy to explain it. If your body is a bath tub, your drain includes bowels, kidneys, liver, and skin. The spout into the body includes the mouth and skin. Our bodies have a lot of toxins, poor food, and pollution to deal with. These go in through the spout.

If the body gets overloaded and/or the elimination channels get clogged or overworked, then our tubs will fill up, eventually flowing over. This manifests into symptoms. The medical route is to add more stress to the body (medications), so that you can’t feel what’s happening. In the meantime, your tub is overflowing and your body function declines even more. For some people, this triggers asthma, skin issues, headaches, etc., which lead to more medications. It is a futile approach that leads to more health problems and premature aging.

Often, the Nutrition Response Testing analysis reveals a metal or chemical toxicity, an immune challenge and/or food intolerance. This is important because they interfere with the immune system and function of the organs. How can you expect your body to handle pollen when it’s bogged down with these other stressors? This is why some people have trouble with environmental allergens and others don’t.

When we figure out which organs are weak or stressed, we can bring about better function. The goal is to decrease the physiologic stress and bring about healing and function with an individualized health improvement plan. This opens up those elimination pathways and strengthens the body for better function. A well functioning body (with an “empty bath tub”) doesn’t react to environmental stressors.

Come in for a Nutrition Response Testing Analysis to see what’s causing your allergies. We will let you know if you are a good candidate for Nutrition Response Testing.


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