The instruction to massage oil  (usually a whole food vitamin wheat germ oil) onto your scars may be one of the more “mysterious” treatments some of our patients are asked to do. Let’s try to take the mystery out of it:

Scars are the byproduct of a body repairing a wound. Many of us have visible scars somewhere on the surface of our skin, from past surgeries, stitches, cuts and scrapes or mole removals. Scars show healing, but sometimes they can also scramble nerve signals, causing a wide variety of symptoms, including pain and organ dysfunction.

The network of the skin’s nerves communicate on a surface level, but also coordinate communication with the organs and various structures of the body that lie beneath it. The brain and nerve plexuses throughout the body coordinate this communication via nerve impulses, which are basically exchanges of energy. When the skin is cut, the nerve connection is broken. As the wound heals, the communication may begin again, or may be impeded.

Sometimes, these scars can actually interrupt and absorb the energy of nerve impulses, rather than allow them to flow freely. Interestingly, some may not become “active” like this until many years after the initial injury or surgery — spurred on by periods of stress on the body, including illness, poor nutrition, emotional stress, or pregnancy. If a scar becomes “active,” it can discharge energy out of sequence with the normal body function, causing the nervous system to become scrambled.

If we have found scars to be a contributing factor in your current health condition, then it’s important to address it. Use the oil at home and laser when you are at our office. This will normalize nerve communication. Your progress is evaluated and measured by Nutrition Response Testing.