Did you know that there are two parts to the Immune System?
1 – The Primary or Innate – This is your cellular part. It includes the inner linings,(the nose, gut, etc), bone marrow, mucous membranes, phagocytes (‘clean-up cells’), and natural killer cells, etc.
2 – The Secondary or Acquired: This is also known as the adaptive or humoral part. It includes antibodies that identify or locate foreign or body proteins.
The Innate system is entirely dependent on nutrition.
And ninety-nine percent of immunity is from the innate cellular side of the immune system. The antibodies are acquired as a red flag to send information to the innate immune system to get ready to attack. They do not kill the pathogens.
There is (or should be) a delicate balance between the two sides. When an invader is detected through the cellular innate system, an antibody is produced to give the cellular side a heads up warning sign in the event that it appears again.
If the innate cellular side is well nourished and strong it will handle the invader before the person even knows there is a problem. If this part of the immune system is not well nourished and strong, the person gets sick.
Infection does not make everyone sick. You have to be a host for the invader, meaning, if the invader can’t “open the door” because your innate cellular side is strong, it can’t come in.
Something to think about – and why we work so hard to strengthen the immune system here at NHHC.