5G (the fifth generation of cellular technology) has arrived.
But before purchasing your next phone, which may be 5G, you should know all the facts.

Unfortunately, as we become more techno-savvy, we also become more exposed to radiation. Many people don’t realize the amount of electro-magnetic radiation that is pasing right through our bodies constantly.

Here are just some ways in which we are being exposed to radiation in our daily life:

  • House wiring and corded appliances
  • Power lines outside of your house
  • Cell phones, smart meters, wi-fi, and bluetooth
  • “Dirty electricity” from transient voltage spikes

These fields of electro-magnetic energy go right through our body and head.

With 5G we are adding a whole new level to the constant radiation that our bodies and brains need to deal with.

Many people don’t realize that their health is being affected. Typical symptoms include: fatigue, sleep problems, slow healing, headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and other things I’m sure we don’t even know yet.

I’ve seen autistic kids improve quite a bit by getting away from the radiation. There are already extreme amounts of EMF radiation in schools, hospitals, etc,

You need to protect yourself….At the very least, start with your bedroom and sleeping area.

  1. Switch from a LED clock to a battery-powered one. This will ensure no blue light.
  2. Turn your cell phone OFF at night.If you must use your phone as an alarm, put it in airplane mode.
  3. Lamps near the bed frequently leak a large “electric field” even when they are not turned on. We suggest moving them to the other side of the room.
  4. It’s even better if you turn of your wireless sources in the house at night (e.g., cordelss phone base stations, baby monitors, wi-fi).
  5. The electrical fields around your bedroom can be greatly reduced by turning off the circuit breaker for that room.

Keep in mind that having not having any symptoms doesn’t mean EMF radiation is not affecting you. It just means you can’t feel it (yet), or it could be that it’s affecting one or more of your current health problems and you don’t know it. Kids today are growing up with alarming amounts of radiation that will eventually contribute to many diseases that once were older generation problems or non-existant. It’s already happening.

Please, protect yourself and your kids. Take the necessary steps and look into Hedronemfprotection.com.