No, you don’t have to suffer every year to the sniffling, sneezing, congestion, and headaches.

Seasonal allergies are so common that it is considered a normal condition by many people. The truth is, seasonal allergies are an indication of sluggish toxin elimination pathways. Pollen, mold, etc., are irritants to everyone. The better your ability to filter them through your body, the better you handle it. A body that is constantly battling heavy metals, food intolerances, immune issues, a sluggish liver or gall bladder, cannot effectively deal with another irritant.

Often, after cleaning up the diet, fixing the sluggish physiology and stressors, the allergy symptoms either greatly decrease or disappear altogether. Your allergy symptoms are just that. SYMPTOMS of something not working in the body.

Recently, two (unrelated) children were brought in to our practice because of digestive issues. Although the parents were more concerned about the digestion because of the pain, the girls also had seasonal allergies. After working through their diets and healing the gut, the seasonal allergies disappeared. This is another example of the power and significance of digestive health. It all starts with digestion.