Fertility clinics are a fairly new thing and are being used more each year. Human fertility is on a down-trend. Why is this happening?

It may surprise you to realize that conventional food is thought to be a major influence. With the wild increase in pesticide and herbicide use as well as GMO crops, the overwhelming burden placed on the digestive, immune, and endocrine systems has greatly weakened the resistance and normal function of young people who are growing up eating this “food.”

GMO crops (U.S. wheat, corn, soy) exploded in the nineties. If you were born before approximately 1975, you had a longer period of time eating REAL wheat, corn, and soy, and ate produce with less pesticides on them. Your body’s fertility was much better than what is happening now. It’s tragic and infuriating.

Human bodies need whole, real food. It’s called live food because it has all the enzymes, good bacteria, nutrition and co-factors needed to break it down and assimilate into the workings of the body. “Dead” food not only becomes harder for the body to break down and use, but it also comes with chemicals that alter the nervous system, brain, organs and their functions including hormones and fertility.

When I see women in the office with fertility problems, food, chemicals and the immune system always come up. This is where we start. Through Nutritional Response Testing, we can determine the chemicals that are affecting the body and begin a plan to heal the system.

There are so many reasons to eat real, “live” food. It’s critical for the health or fertility of young people and their offspring.