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Cancer was at one time, very rare. Now, everyone either knows someone who had cancer or has experienced it themselves. What changed? Why is it so common now?

There has been a lot of research into genes. Has much of the problem been overlooked? Cancer manifests from abnormal cell growth which is the result of damage to certain genes. The genes carry “instructions” for making the proteins the body needs for survival. Many factors can affect the health of the genes causing damage and eventually leading to cancer.

Most people are familiar with the dangers of smoking, and that it can lead to cancer. What about the other cell damaging causes? Some of these include chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, radiation, and poor diet.

Your body and its genes can be influenced by these factors, causing abnormal cell growth. Once this happens, the foundation has been laid. This is the metabolic side.  Your daily choices and the environment can influence your metabolic function. When a person goes through cancer treatment, the goal is to kill the cancer. The treatment itself can be hard on the body and doesn’t go any further than death of cells.

Every evaluation I have done on a person currently in cancer treatment or post treatment, has revealed a chemical and/or heavy metal challenge as well as immune challenges.

The first step in your Nutrition Response Testing health recovery program is to help your body handle these body weakening stressors. Next, the immune system and other body functions need to be built up and strengthened. Of course, learning how to eat and live in a way that doesn’t damage your cells and genes is also addressed and will greatly lower your risk of any disease. Recovering your health after cancer is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself.

Disease is not inevitable.

Nutrition Response Testing can help people going through cancer treatment, as well as after treatment is done.

Restoring the foundation of your health that has been lost is what we do.

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