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About Dr. Nelson

About Dr. Nelson:

As a practicing chiropractor for 20 years, I began practicing nutrition and received advanced training and certification in Nutrition Response Testing℠.

I attended college in Hawaii and Illinois from 1985 through 1991. I then completed my Doctor of Chiropractic in 1997 at Western States in Portland, OR. I moved to Virginia in 1997 and began my chiropractic practice.

In 2001 I married my husband, Eric, and we had our daughter in 2003. At the tender age of three, we discovered that she had a nut allergy. We have carried an EpiPen ever since. She then started with eczema and chronic ear infections. I didn’t know better at the time, so we gave her antibiotics over and over again. Then the seasonal allergies and asthma began, followed by digestive and urinary problems. At the time, I helped her as much as I could with whole food supplements and it did make a difference, but I was guessing as to what she needed and I knew I wasn’t dealing with the underlying issue.

We took her to several specialists and the solutions were inhalers, antibiotics and other drugs. I didn’t want to take this approach, knowing she would be on several medications every day, starting at six years old, and for how long?

My heart was breaking. I went back to school to learn acupuncture, thinking I could help her this way. It did help, but she had nutritional issues that I didn’t discover until I started my training with Nutrition Response Testing℠. We had many challenges with missed school, sleepless nights, social limitations, and endless daily washing and cleaning to try to keep our home, her bed, room, clothes, and hair clean of the triggers to her suffering. Again, these things helped, but she was not improving over time.

Finally, she had a Nutrition Response Testing℠ analysis. Her immune system was being challenged; she had gut dysbiosis and it was all made worse with sugar and dairy. Was this the answer?

She and I gradually started changing her diet and she was consistent with the program created specifically for her. We started seeing improvement within the first month. Her urinary and bowel troubles gradually changed. Her skin started to clear up. Then, spring came around and we held our breath; April, May, June went by with minimal reactions. We were elated. She now has no asthma, headaches, or itching and her sleep has improved incredibly. She takes NO medication.

My personal success story with Nutrition Response Testing℠ is not unusual. My daughter’s life, and the lives of our family, have greatly improved. I’m grateful for the experiences that have led me down this path and for having opportunity to help people turn their lives around. Everyday in my practice, I work with individuals to help identify the stressors that poorly impact their health, get them on their path of healing, repair, and wellness. I love the results. This is my passion.


What Our Patients Are Saying:



“I started seeing Dr. Nelson because a friend recommended her. I thought I would be on several medications for the rest of my life. I’m 45 and feel like I was much older. I had reflux, chronic back pain, painful and irregular periods, and was stressed and irritable much of the time. While on the nutrition program I learned to eat real food. Dr. Nelson found exactly where my weaknesses were and created the perfect treatment program for me. I don’t even feel like the same person anymore. I feel great most of the time and am off all three of my medications. Thank you.”
- JM

“I suffered with chronic joint pains for years. I tried everything but never got relief for more than a week. I came to see Dr. Nelson and she helped me make better food choices and gave me supplements and now I have much less pain and less often. I also gained energy and lost weight and didn’t even come here for that!”
- CB

“I had been overweight for years. I was always trying all the weight loss diet fads, sometimes losing weight but never keeping it off. I came here because of pain and fatigue and ended up not only feeling better but I lost 20 lbs. so far. I’m excited about my results and have a much better understanding of food and my health. I feel like I’m gaining back control of my health.”
- PR

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